Current Vermont Grade Names (All Grade A)         

Golden Color Delicate Taste : formerly known as Grade A Vermont Fancy
Amber Color Rich Taste : formerly known as Grade A Medium Amber and Grade A Dark Amber
Dark Color and Robust Taste :  formerly known as Grade B
Very Dark Color and Strong Taste : formerly known as Commercial Grade (couldn't be sold retail until 2014)


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Amber Color and Rich Taste

Bobo's Mountain Sugar from $11.00

Amber Rich is an even-keeled syrup with a golden color and a buttery texture. We cheer when it comes in! This delicious syrup is a combination of the former medium and dark amber. It carries a lighter maple flavor, is versatile, charismatic, and Bobo’s go-to choice for switchel, stews, and dressings. It is delicious on waffles, vanilla ice cream, and over sauteed greens. Shimmery and sunny, it won’t disappoint.