Vermont maple syrup has a new name! Different grade names across each state and Canada left consumers confused about what grade of syrup to buy and how they differ. Last year, the entire industry agreed to standardize the grade names, and Vermont is the first state to make the change official. Vermont producers have until January 2015 to change the grade names on their syrup. Other states and Canada will follow. 

Current Vermont Grade Names (All Grade A)         

Golden Color Delicate Taste : formerly known as Grade A Vermont Fancy
Amber Color Rich Taste : formerly known as Grade A Medium Amber and Grade A Dark Amber
Dark Color and Robust Taste :  formerly known as Grade B
Very Dark Color and Strong Taste : formerly known as Commercial Grade (couldn't be sold retail until 2014)


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Dark Color and Robust Taste

Bobo's Mountain Sugar from $11.00

Coveted by chefs, Vermonters, and maple enthusiasts. This is the syrup formerly known as Grade B and now called Dark Robust under the new Vermont grading system. It is a dark, rich, flavorful syrup whose maple sweetness holds its ground and adds a divine kick to anything, including your pancakes: the syrup de l'année at Bobo's. Not to be missed. 

Amber Color and Rich Taste

Bobo's Mountain Sugar from $11.00

Amber Rich is an even-keeled syrup with a golden color and a buttery texture. We cheer when it comes in! This delicious syrup is a combination of the former medium and dark amber. It carries a lighter maple flavor, is versatile, charismatic, and Bobo’s go-to choice for switchel, stews, and dressings. It is delicious on waffles, vanilla ice cream, and over sauteed greens. Shimmery and sunny, it won’t disappoint.